Thursday, December 03, 2009

Logic and Algorithms.

Its no more unrequited love - this winter I plan to start a website dedicated to 'identifying interesting problems on Logic and Algorithms'.

1) NP Completeness.
2) Satisfiability.
3) Algorithms on strings.
4) Programming Languages - Python.

For motivation I did a random search that had the second hit something like this.

"As the hardware is getting cheaper and faster everyday, if you can get things done than investing time on efficiency of algorithms, you are a winner in the current business world."

Friday, October 02, 2009

munch of the day.

Can you feel it? Sure I can :-)

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Saturday, October 27, 2007

“WTF is wrong with this world!”

Summer times - “WTF is wrong with this world!”

Well apart from work, there were at least a million activities to do. While some get involved in arcade while others in pool, some pick some drinks and chat with the girlfriends, while others simply go tango-ing. If at all there is one soul who sit right in the middle of all this and thinking “WTF is wrong…” ?

And there was this Boat cruise, a beautiful large boat cruising along all the interns and their guests. You cannot expect a better trip on the seas off SFO on the moonlight sipping beers and playing say no-to-girls-when-they-try-to-tease-you games. Well occasionally you might spot a dark figure in the moonlight at the end of the boat, sitting motionless and highly contemplative, amidst all this fantasy gamers, thinking “WTF is wrong…”

There was this girl (Ramya – name changed mainly fearing her husband might bash her up after seeing this post, say, after 20 years), good looking and with great assets. No wonder I was totally into only one direction, “her” direction. Every time we meet in the Namaste CafĂ© smiling faces crop up and small “Hi”. Once out of excitement I approached her “What about a Coffee?” and that’s it, and could hardly see her for the rest of the days. I could imagine what must have been running all over her mind “Well, he would call me for a coffee, then a date, and will have all the fun in this world and I am ditched”; Perfectly normal. And I would have appreciated if she had told me this straight on face, at least I will be happy to know my reckoning is correct. Well if she later realizes that she was horribly wrong, then again I will still be there sitting in one end thinking “WTF is wrong…”

Yeah the summer was great, I did a lot. Yeah a lot! Scootering, skate boarding, and racing, and what not! Well, I wish I could have done more and it all started when I called up home,

Amma: “enna?” (what?)
Me: “I got an internship at Google”
Amma: “enna adhu?” (what is that?)
Me: “Gooooooooooooogle”
Amma: “enna Goggle-aa?”
Me: “No no, Google! amma”
Amma: “ennavo po!” (ok that’s something)
Me: “No no it’s not something, its Google G-O-O-G-L-E”
Amma: “Ok ok ozhunga saapidu” (ok ok eat well)

And the phone was cut and so is the story of my Internship.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Kudos to 2007 batch.

I remember our batch (2002) lost in semi.
This one is on narasimha avatar and batch won the first prize in Saarang 2007.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Reporter's affair.

Ha ha ha, a real funny situation.

What if a reporter does news report of LA Mayor's extra-marital affair? What if the girl whom he is having an affair is the reporter herself?

Will she still report it as 'Mayor is having an affair with me" (That will awesome, I would love to watch it)?

or Will she cover up the news? which is again unethical!